Storage Solutions

Cloud Storage

Opus Solutions will digitize your records, and store them securely in our cloud. We provide secure access to your documents with NO software to manage. Utilizing our certified project management, we oversee all cloud conversions Our clients are able to utilize our Opus Solutions cloud on OpusConnect© allowing them to access their documents anytime, anywhere. Finally, to ensure you get everything you need, Opus offers world class client services.

Physical Storage

Need a safe, secure and compliant place to keep your paper files – where you can quickly and easily access them upon request? Our storage facility is that place.

We’re precise, methodical and process-oriented. You can rest assured we have confidential record storage down to a science.

Pick up 
Our certified security professionals will pick up and transport your records to our secure storage center.

Once there, Opus Solutions’ teams will methodically catalog your records for efficient organization and easy retrieval. We’ll place your records in our storage facility where we will securely monitor and protect them.

We can even create a destruction schedule to ensure compliancy with retention and ensure you’re only using the amount of storage you actually need.

Records by Request
When you need a file, simply request it via our industry-compliant client portal. Our team of experts will scan it and deliver it to you in the format of your choice.

Retention Policy and Shredding Service

What happens to the files when they no longer need to be stored?  Who takes care of your retention policy once your files are stored in our facility?

We do, of course! We will manage your retention policy to ensure you never have to store old, out-of date documents.  Then, we’ll use our compliant, secure shredding process to dispose of all of your expired files.

What if you don’t have a retention policy? We can help with that too! We are happy to work with whatever retention policy you have in place, or we can help you create one!

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  • "End to end solutions"

    "End to end solutions"

    "Opus Solutions helped update, organize, and archive all of my records.  They took care of everything from packing and organizing my documents, to scanning and importing my current files, to storing my archived files.  I would not have been able to complete my project without them."

    -Hospital Administrator
  • "document solutions"

    "document solutions"

    "I knew I needed a new solutions for managing my file system.  I had older files in a different document management system than my current files, and had a storage closet full of even MORE files.  Opus Solutions created a plan, migrated all of my files into one system, and stored the rest!"

    -Office Administrator
  • "X-ray digitization"

    "X-ray digitization"

    "We really didn't know what to do with our x-ray films.  They took up so much space, but we had to keep them to remain in compliance.  We had some of our files in an archival system, but it was difficult to access them.  Opus Solutions introduced us to OpusConnect, which was their personal, easy-to-use, archival system.  And, they digitized our x-rays and imported them to our current EMR.  We love working with them!"

    - Medical Records Manager
  • "Records by Request"

    "Records by Request"

    "I had tried a few other companies that dealt with archived records.  Every time I needed a file, these companies would pull my files from their storage space, overnight it to my offices, and then my office administrator had to scan the files in.  HOWEVER, Opus Solutions offers a FAR SUPERIOR option.  They store my files at their facility, and when I need one, they just pull it and scan it DIRECTLY into my system!  It's called Records By Request, and it is fantastic, fast and easy."

  • "More than we could have ever expected"

    "More than we could have ever expected"

    "We thought that Opus Solutions only worked with medical offices, so we were happily surprised when we found out they work with ALL industries.  We are an architecture firm, and we have x-rays and files onsite.  Well, we USED TO have them onsite.  Opus took care of all of our files making them accessible at any time.  They also digitized our x-ray films!"

    -Architecture Firm CEO
  • "Truly unique in their industry"

    "Truly unique in their industry"

    "Opus Solutions is literally the only company I would ever work with regarding my firm's document management.  They created a completely customized plan that meets all of the needs of my rapidly growing firm.  They have the ability to think outside the box, and recommend solutions that I didn't even know existed.  They are far and above the BEST document solutions company I have ever encountered and I recommend them to all of my business contacts."

    - Partner Law Firm
  • "Highly recommend Opus Solutions"

    "Highly recommend Opus Solutions"

    "We recommend Opus Solutions every single chance we get.  Their solutions are miles better than anything we've ever encountered with their competitors.  We are Opus Solutions clients for life!"

    -High School Administrator