HIPAA Training & Audits

Always know where you stand: in compliance.

Need a highly qualified HIPAA consultant to help your business achieve continued compliance?

Opus Solutions’ has highly skilled, intricately knowledgeable consultants who, after understanding your specific requirements, will cater to your needs and provide you with a tailored solution. Our teams have the expertise to provide project management, risk analysis, vulnerability assessment, security remediation, contingency planning and an interim security officer.

Our qualified and professionally trained HIPAA specialists provide online training or come to you. They’ll cater to your specific needs, training your entire staff once a year and your new hires as required to ensure your organization stays compliant and your patients stay protected. Schedule HIPAA training

With Opus Solution’s systematic, proven approach, we will regularly evaluate your complete HIPAA compliance – including your business practices, technical infrastructure and existing policies and procedures. We’ll identify any gaps between where you are and where you need to be.

Upon completion of your audit, we’ll draw on our extensive HIPAA Policy and Process Engineering expertise to develop a plan of action that remedies any non-compliant areas or activities.

We’ll recommend smart, cost-effective solutions and help your team implement them so you can rest assured you’re doing everything you can when it comes to compliance. Request HIPAA assessment

HIPPA Traning and Audits

Working with your company was the BEST decision this group made that’s for sure.   Thank you very much!

~Kim S., Senior Clinic Manager