X-Ray Digitization

Trust the experts in process and precision.

At Opus Solutions, we use technologically advanced equipment, but the thing that really sets us apart is our team. We’re HIPAA qualified and quality obsessed.

Drawing on our extensive quality assurance, project management and document management experience, Opus Solutions has developed a proven quality methodology that ensures remarkable precision – and a fast and painless process for you.

Backfile conversion
Opus Solutions will work with you to outline a plan that guarantees a seamless transition from film to PACS. We’ll organize and scan your x-rays on-site or off using only FDA-approved and industry compliant equipment. Our certified project management method involves you and your team during all phases of the conversion process so you can quickly take advantage of all these opportunities and more:

  • Improved radiologist productivity
  • Increased accuracy of interpretations and conduct remote diagnosis
  • Streamlined workflow
  • Avoid the high cost of equipment purchases, upgrades and maintenance
  • Free up valuable office space for expanded revenue-generating opportunities
  • Eliminate costly off-site storage
  • Provide disaster recovery

X-ray duplication
Opus Solutions uses state of the art equipment and processes to produce exact duplicates of x-rays, CT scans, MRIs and mammograms, as well as other medical, dental and veterinary films. We can complete most x-ray duplication requests within 24 hours. Need it faster? Rush your request.

Opus Solutions processes:

  • Film to film
  • Film to digital format
  • Digital to film format
  • Digital format customization (i.e. cropping, redaction, image enhancement, etc.)
  • Film/digital format to large scale print format (specifically for demonstrative presentation)

We deliver digitized film via:

  • CD/DVD
  • Hard drive
  • Opus Connect (our FTP)
  • Cloud
  • Straight to your PACS
  • On a designated network location with an eFilm viewer

X-ray scanning
Preserve your x-rays for the long run and reduce your storage costs. We’ll expertly scan your x-ray images into one of our state of the art, FDA-approved digitizers, converting them to DICOM, TIFF, JPEG or other formats. You choose where we save them – CD, DVD, hard drive and Opus Connect (our secure FTP) are just some of the options.

X-ray printing
No degradation here. When you provide us with your digital files – via a CD, DVD, hard drive or secure FTP access – we’ll produce first generation originals and let you choose from positive or paper prints for your demonstratives and presentations.

Have a project?  Request x-ray digitization

Have something else in mind? Opus Solutions can crop x-rays to capture the most relevant portions and do a variety of other things with remarkable precision. Contact us to ask about our custom services.

Frustrated with a CD you can’t open? Opus Solutions can take any radiology CD and provide you with a vendor neutral image viewer guaranteed to work.

X-Ray Digitalization

We continue to reap the financial rewards of partnering with Opus Solutions for our x-ray conversion project.  I would recommend them to anyone who values partnership, professionalism, communication and quality.  Their responsiveness and flexibility allowed our project to be completed and on time and on budget.  

~ John H., Practice Executive Director