Paper Record Storage

Free up office space and resources.

Need a safe, secure and compliant place to keep your paper files – where you can quickly and easily access them upon request? Our storage facility is that place.

We’re precise, methodical and process-oriented. You can rest assured we have confidential record storage down to a science. Plus, we’re HIPAA compliant, so medical organizations can trust our solution is 100% secure.

Pick up
Our certified security professionals will pick up and transport your records to our secure storage center in locked vehicles.

Once there, Opus Solutions’ teams will methodically catalog your records for efficient organization and easy retrieval. We’ll place your records in our storage facility where we will securely monitor and protect them from fire, water and theft 24/7.

We can even create a destruction schedule to ensure compliancy with retention and ensure you’re only using the amount of storage you actually need.

Records by Request
When you need a file, simply request it via our HIPAA-compliant client portal. Our team of experts will scan it using our industry-compliant technology and deliver it to you in the format of your choice. More

Paper Record Storage

Your team is taking fantastic care of us.  Working with your company was the BEST decision this group made that’s for sure.   Thank you very much!

~Kim S., Senior Clinic Manager