Remove Stress: Outsource Medical Records Scanning

Digital medical records are the way of the future. That much is a given. Digitizing patients’ information is a fantastic and effective way to provide great medical coverage and health benefits regardless of whether a patient is in Los Angeles or New York City. The speed with which this information can be transmitted can make a major difference in prompt treatment. But for many hospitals, clinics, and practices, the idea of scanning those documents is daunting. It’s stressful. It’s not Zen.

Outsourcing your document scanning and abstraction can alleviate a multitude of headaches and give you the gift of space, time, and money.

Equipment Takes Away Free Space and Valuable Resources

Digitally transcribing and scanning all that information efficiently requires equipment that’s up to the job; new computers, scanners, printers, etc. That’s thousands of dollars you’re not able to invest into the actual life-saving components of your business or practice. Moreover, you’ve got to have somewhere in your office to set up that equipment—which takes up valuable real estate in already cramped locations.

Time Management

You may have already purchased the equipment necessary to DIY all your medical records scanning, but what you haven’t factored in is the staff you’ll need to make it happen. By making an internal hire to scan your records, that’s payroll you’re not able to use for other integral members of your team. You could always do it yourself, of course, but that takes you away from the other important parts of your job. Face it: outsourcing the digitization of records to a trusted third party frees up a lot of time and finances for other things, like helping people become healthy.


If there’s one thing people love about using digital and hard copies, it’s redundancy. It’s a fail-safe, a backup, and an important one at that. But when you scan your own documents, you’re tasked with managing both digital and physical information. Outdated information that needs to be destroyed often remains hoarded in the filing cabinets because you don’t have adequate time to deal with it.

Outsourcing your data digitization can help with that. A good third-party vendor can digitize your documents and retain the originals in secure offsite storage. You get to keep the digital copies in your office, but can remain secure in the knowledge that a physical copy of the information is just a phone call/email away. And that can help if you need to send the information to another hospital or clinic. In the event of a catastrophe at your location—flood, fire, etc.—our records storage location is a safe alternative to losing all that information. That’s the kind of peace of mind any health provider would love to have.


Ultimately, digitizing your records through a third party will save you money. Money that can be used to hire integral staff, buy essential life-saving medical equipment, or to reinvest in your business. The nominal fees you’ll pay to will be a great return on investment when you’re not buried beneath a pile of medical charts that need transferred to digital format. You’ll also be able to clear your mind of worries about expensive file folders and secure storage—because that will all be taken care of for you.

Digitizing Medical Records Through a Third Party is Total Zen.

There’s no reason to hesitate when it comes to letting us take care of digitizing your records. Knowing that a company with a fantastic record of file security, high attention to document fidelity, and flexibility in storage means a lot when you’re handling sensitive and potentially life-saving information. Opus Solutions is here to ensure that concerns about medical documents scanning are far from your mind, so you can spend time contemplating the better, more important parts of medical practice: saving lives and helping others become better, healthier, more Zen people.