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A Perspective On Change

No doubt changes in information structure have impacted the core of business operations across many industries.

  • Healthcare clinics adapt to new EMR systems.
  • Legal offices embrace changing state-to-state and federal regulatory statutes for record retention.
  • Business managers strive for efficiency and reduced paper redundancy for their offices and their patients.

We’ve come a long way since I entered this field 25 years ago. From photocopying documents to digitizing records, the ability to retrieve a document, file, photo or data using a few keystrokes saves all of us time and money.

Remember when we used to walk to a file room, search for the right file cabinet, drawer and manually flip through dozens of files just to take care of one client? Having information at our fingertips certainly saves time and money.

As Opus celebrates experience and leadership in the field of document and data management, we anticipate EHR, CRM and ERP software packages will continue to evolve in response to rapid changing retention and compliance guidelines. As we look to the next decade, access to information will be primarily stored in the cloud and new systems will be developed to allow for a seamless exchange of data in a secure environment.

Opus remains committed to be your resource for updates and changes in document and data management. If you ever have concern or questions regarding the security of your information or the compatibility of more than one software system in your offices, feel free to reach out.

Opus is your clear solution.

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