Sharing Lessons Learned from 50 Years Experience

Sharing Lessons Learned from 50 Years Experience

Between Opus Founders, Kristen Loney and Toby Walton, colleagues and clients benefit from their more than 50 years in document and data management. As they celebrate the 5th year since founding Opus Solutions, they share these 10 poignant lessons learned from working on hundreds of client projects.

#10: When cleaning out back files, know the difference between scanning old records and only scanning what is necessary based upon laws and your company retention policies. The difference in approaches can save you thousands of dollars.

#9: When creating documents, prominently record the creation date. This is eminently crucial as it relates to your record retention policies and procedures.

#8: When merging or acquiring another company, conduct an inquiry regarding software systems, document storage, process for information input and data/document management systems. Prior to combining offices, develop a plan for compatible exchange of information.

#7: When scanning, save on bandwidth and increase speed by scanning outside your system and importing back into your system upon completion.

#6: Develop an indexing system that is consistent across all company departments.

#5: Rely on document management experts to keep you informed of technology changes that may affect your software, hardware, scanning, online storage and IT network.

#4: Before implementing a document management solution, define your goals, which may include: reduce paper, increase efficiency, enhance compliance, increase access, cross-departmental collaboration or even reuse space for profitability.

#3: When hiring a document management firm be sure to ask: Can you help me if I don't know exactly what record or how many records I have? Do you know our state record retention regulations? Can you help me decide if I need to scan complete or partial records? What is the ROI between scanning, storing and retrieving records by request?

#2: Understand how to convert information. If you have legal records that must be saved, you must know how to convert that information into an accessible format.

#1: Know that Opus Is Your Clear Solution. Our goal is to support your goals for office efficiency. Call today for your FREE discovery - 888-719-6757.

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